Occupancy Approval – Yes to Yurt Living!

A big thing happened for us this week. The absolute final inspection to approve our yurt for occupancy took place. Over the course of the last 3’ish years, we’ve had lots of inspections along the way.  I’m guessing that most people who are “building” their own home have very little thought about the multiple inspections they are subject to; that’s because they have contractors and builders, electricians, plumbers, etc. who have to deal with all inspections.  In our case, Tim served as all the aforementioned people. With the exception of 2 things (well drilling and septic system), all the work from prepping the land to laying the foundation to framing walls, pulling electrical wires, installing all plumbing, and every single other thing was completed by Tim with the help of a few willing people along the way – like me!

Since the passing of an inspection was truly the judgement of Tim’s hard work, he felt all the pressure of needing to pass the inspections along the way.  He was especially eager to get the news of the final electrical and final plumbing inspections – which were approved last week.

Spiral Staircase leading up to the loft.

After finishing the spiral staircase, it was time for the final inspection, the one earning us the final permit to occupy.  Pretty big deal!  And he earned a big – APPROVED!

It feels so special to truly have built our own home from start to finish. Flora, who’s 7, thinks that it’s a pretty normal thing 🙂  What a beautiful naivety.  Tim’s incredible ability to build anything he puts a plan to is nothing short of outstanding!

We hope that the next big news we get is a good offer on our current home for sale on the beautiful Fox River. We are selling so that we can make our move to homesteading and full time cozy yurt living.

Home sweet yurt.

Join us on our adventure by following this blog, or here or here or here.  Wishing you peace, love, and nature.

Edit on 4.29.17 – just had to add a picture of the final notice to the blog 🙂




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