What is White Sky Woods?  It’s Tim, Lisa, Flora and Woodland’s private paradise on the Keweenaw Peninsula in Upper Michigan.

Our dream?  To do a one-eighty in our life – simplifying, downsizing, living in more sustainable ways.  Ultimately, transitioning our family to a full-time life in our hand-built yurt on 80 beautiful acres in a remote area of the Keweenaw Peninsula. This dream turns to reality in 2017.

Tim and Lisa have been married since 2005. As we journeyed into life together, we realized that we both wanted to explore living a more sustainable and “back-to-the-land” sort of lifestyle. With many ideas of what this could look like, we decided to start our leap to the land in February, 2009. We purchased our property with a vision of what could become. We named our 80 acres White Sky Woods – inspired by the bald eagle that soared over during our first ever visit to the property (White), the endless view of sky (Sky) and the beautiful surrounding of timber (Woods). The vision changed and evolved as our family grew (2 kids, 1 dog), experiences and knowledge were gained, and we honed in on what felt just right for us. In 2014, we started the build of our yurt – with the intention of it becoming our permanent home. In 2016 we near completed our work, and in 2017, our move to permanent residency will take place. We’ve strategized, planned, saved, spent, built, and created exactly what White Sky Woods is today based on this vision and a lot of hard work. We have a lot more plans for White Sky Woods and are excited for this next chapter of our journey!

Each season at White Sky Woods brings something new to observe and learn from. Exploring and discovering is our favorite pastime and conceiving what history White Sky Woods holds keeps us wondering. White Sky Woods is home to trees like: Aspen, Maple, Red Pine, White Pine, Black Spruce, Tamarack, and Cedar. Plants like: Pink Lady’s Slippers, Pitcher Plants, Orange Hawkweed, Yellow Goat’s Beard, Dwarf Dogwood, Blue Eyed Grass, and Blue Flag Iris. Fruits like: Apples (galore!), Raspberries, Blackberries, Serviceberry, and 100’s of Blueberry patches.

Philosophies and ideas we like to explore include:

  • yurt living
  • homesteading
  • permaculture
  • travel and exploration
  • energy efficiency, renewable energy
  • land conservation
  • financial freedom
  • homeschooling
Our hand-built yurt, nestled in the snow amongst the Aspen and Pines.

Join us on our adventure by following this blog, or here or here or here.

Wishing you peace, love, and nature.

One thought on “About

  1. I can’t wait to follow your journey! Your children are so lucky and it looks absolutely beautiful. You are a great writer. I can’t wait till someone comes out with a way to start at the bottom of a blog and read upwards… it always feels like I starting out on chapter 13 and going back to chapter 1… (even with my own blog;) haha!)


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