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I’m Lisa Reitz, owner of White Sky Woods Homestead, and for me nothing inspires creativity quite like nature. Each day nature guarantees something of awe – from something as grand as aurora borealis to something as tiny as a flower of blue-eyed grass. I love to capture the beauty that surrounds us with photography. I also enjoy working on fun hyper local-focused creative projects.

Here is where you’ll find what I’m currently working on. If you happen to make a purchase, I am so grateful!

Foraging Adventure for Beginners

Saturday, July 15th – 2023, 1pm – 4:30pm

$65 per participant. Suitable for learners 12+. Maximum 12 participants.

Foraging is the practice of searching for wild edible food resources. During this workshop experience you’ll find, identify, learn about and sketch plants that can commonly be foraged around the Keweenaw area. 

All participants will receive a handmade book created by the host with plant information and details from the class to use on their own future foraging adventures.This book is also for your sketches, basic sketching materials will be provided. Absolutely no artistic experience or abilities are needed to participate in this workshop experience.

Participants will:

  • learn about foraging ethics and safety 
  • learn how to accurately recognize 15 (or more) of the most common plants to forage around the Keweenaw and Upper Peninsula
  • forage their own plants to take home to make their own herbal tea
  • receive “Foraging Adventures – Journal and Guide”
  • use the art of sketching to get to know the plants they forage 

The tour will end with herbal tea time, light snacks and group discussion.

Foraging Adventures for BeginnersREGISTER HERE
Click here for complete details and registration.

Always Sunny in Jacobsville

It started with hatching a seemingly crazy idea, finding the perfect place to call home, then building the life we dreamed and planned for, one small step at a time. We didn’t want to grow old saying, “I wish I would have done that,” like we’ve seen people regretfully do. “It’s always sunny in Jacobsville” became a motto to us – a beacon of hope and a mindset of positive thinking as we created our dream lifestyle in Jacobsville, MI. We’ve followed that motto since 2009. It may not ACTUALLY always be sunny in Jacobsville, but when you love the life you live and hold onto a positive mindset, it really can always be sunny…wherever you go.

Are you living a life you love? If not, go ahead, take a small step to get started. You don’t need to get there fast, you just have to start moving.



3-inch durable vinyl, weatherproof sticker.

Each sticker is individually packaged with the story behind the sticker.

$4 each + shipping and handling

Order direct! Email me the amount you’d like to order and your address and I’ll send you an invoice and link to order and pay via PayPal.


Option to purchase photography – Coming Soon!