Hello, Guest!

Thanks for choosing to stay at the Cabin at White Sky Woods!  During your stay, we invite you to schedule an experience, order eggs, produce, jellies or fresh homemade rustic bread.

Place an Order

So that we can more likely honor your requests, contacting us 3 days in advance of your stay to make arrangements allows us the time needed to meet your request. Please connect with Lisa via the AirBNB messaging or text your name and order request to Lisa: 920-246-5472. We accept Cash, Check or PayPal at time of delivery. 


Duck Eggs = $6/dozen, $3/half dozen

Chicken Eggs = $3/dozen, $1.50/half dozen.

Mixed Dozen, 6 Duck & 6 Chicken = $4.50

Jelly and Preserves

$6 per half pint.

Contact Lisa for what varieties are available. Options are seasonal and may include: Homestead Rose Petal Jelly, Dandelion Jelly, Apple Cider Jelly, Lilac Blossom Jelly, Flowering Bee Balm Jelly, Forager’s Delight (a seedless berry jelly), and Blueberry Preserves.


$7 per loaf.

Freshly made rustic bread loaf with all natural ingredients. (Allergy Information: Ingredients include wheat).

4 varieties available: Just the Basics, Savory Herb, Cinnamon Raisin, and Five Seed.

Fresh Produce

Fresh Produce is typically available May – October. Contact Lisa for a list of what is currently available or check out our Instagram feed for weekly Farm Stand posts that list current produce.  

Choose an Experience

Add unique, private paid experiences to your stay. The following tours are all hosted by Lisa. I’ve been immersing myself in nature at White Sky Woods for over a decade. On my nature outings, I have made many observations, asked a lot of questions, read countless books and learned a lot along the way from mentors. I love sharing what I’ve learned with others. While my degree is not in natural sciences, my passion is and I specialize in what’s right here at White Sky Woods. 

All experiences are outdoors and are subject to being cancelled or rescheduled due to weather. 

Payment for tours is due at the start of the tour. Cash, Check or PayPal is accepted.

Guided Trail Tour – Nature, Hike & History

1 ½ – 2 hours

Available Year Round. Snowshoes are needed in Winter.

Who it’s geared toward: The Nature Novice, adults and kids 12+

$60 total (up to 4 guests)


This tour is for those who want to get out in nature at a pace that encourages you to slow down, stop, ask, observe, and learn. We’ll walk approximately 1 ½ – 2 miles on mostly flat terrain. Along the way we’ll stop, observe, share, and learn. We’ll ask and answer questions like: What kind of tree is this? Is this Lichen or Moss? What direction am I facing, how do I tell without the sun? What animal made this track? How did this massive rock get here? What bird sound is that? Each tour is unique since it depends on what nature delivers!


Along the route, I’ll share the Jacobsville Sandstone history here at White Sky Woods and we’ll find evidence of it. We’ll talk about connection to place and leave no trace best practices when enjoying nature spaces.

Guided Trail Tour – Foraging 

1 ½ – 2 hours

Seasonably Available (usually July – September)

Who it’s geared toward: Beginner Forager,  adults and kids 12+

$60 total (up to 4 guests)


Foraging is the practice of searching for wild food resources. On this tour we’ll cover a minimum of 10 types of plants that can be foraged for in the Keweenaw area to be used for edible and medicinal purposes. Guests will learn about ethical foraging behaviors, forage their own plants, and receive a takeaway reference guide.

In-Depth Homestead Experience

1 hour

Available Year Round.

Who it’s geared toward: Anyone 

$45 + $20 for each additional 30 minutes.


Oftentimes people reach out wanting detailed information about how we planned for our move, building a yurt/yurt life, homesteading life, homeschooling, etc. We enjoy people’s interest and love sharing about our journey, but we appreciate that people understand we have limited time for giving free consultation. For guests who seek more in-depth consultation, please contact us to schedule time. We don’t have a specific framework for this experience because it depends on you! Tell us what you’re interested in hearing or learning about, and we’ll go from there.

Guided Trail Tour for KIDS – Be a Nature Detective!

1 hour

Available Year Round. Snowshoes are needed in Winter.

Who it’s geared toward: Nature Explorers, Ages 4 – 12

$45 total (up to 3 child guests, parent must also participate)

This tour is for kids! We’ll walk approximately 1 – 1 ½ miles on mostly flat terrain, having a Scavenger Hunt as we go. We’ll stop, observe, share, and learn. We’ll ask and answer questions like: What kind of tree is this? Is this a good habit for a beaver? What animal made this track or scat? Whose bones are these and how did they get here? Where did this massive rock come from? What bird sound is that? Each tour is unique since it depends on what nature delivers!

We’ll talk about the best practice for being in nature, and ways we can enjoy nature spaces respectfully.

Things To Do At White Sky Woods

  • Homestead Tour for Guests
    • Plan for about 30 minutes, Complimentary
    • We’d love to show you the gardens and animals. Catch us while we’re outside or to assure our availability, send a message to schedule! 
  • Stay up late and watch the night sky


  • Get up early, see the sunrise at the nearby beaches


  • Download iNaturalist and use this app to identify plant and animal life on your trail walk (see brochure in binder pocket)
    • Observations will be added to our White Sky Woods catalog automatically.


  • Use the binoculars to bird watch


  • Take a walk or snowshoe on one or all of the trails


  • Go out on a picnic – basket & blanket available at the cabin


  • Choose an experience/tour.


  • Look for copper in the road gravel (ask us if you’re curious!)


  • Enjoy a bonfire
    • lighter and firestarter available in bin at cabin
    • free, dry firewood available near fire pit


  • Find a bench at a pond, close your eyes and listen to the sounds of nature.