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Homesteading Year One, A Brief Memoir
It was an eventful first year as homesteaders!

Homestead Heaps to Hugelkultur
Building a hugelkultur helps us clean up the homestead and get started on our dreams of a food forest.


Meet the Livestock at our Homestead!
What animals live at White Sky Woods? Find out who’s here and who’s expecting!

Puzzled by Minimalism, Creative Solutions!
Putting together puzzles is a great pasttime in Winter, but what if you don’t have space?

Projects Reminiscent of Summertime
Keeping busy with several projects including a family nature journal, a Groundhog Day inspired list. What’s your list include?

Journey Toward Minimalism – Part One
Our journey toward minimalism has been a long road. Here are some guidelines we follow that help us out.

3 Ways to Warm Yourself in Winter
It’s -11 degree outside, but we are staying oh so warm. 3 simple ways to stay warm in winter.

Winter Prep Fail Report! (Success Too!)
It’s okay to winterize after the winter weather arrives, right? What we learned so far in our first year of winter yurt living on the Keweenaw.

Don’t be a Stranger
Using the word “community” has a whole new meaning to us here at our homestead.

Cleaning up the Homestead
There were a few scrubby areas around the house, we cleaned up and created brush piles for wildlife.

5 Reasons the Bread Tastes Great!
In the past I had many failed attempts at homemade bread. What will this try amount to?

Welcome Home! Meet the Flock
We knew from the start of our homestead plans we would keep chickens for eggs. Our first livestock has arrived to the homestead!

Wild Raspberry Leaf Tea, a Homesteading First
This week I decided to take my first shot at wild gathering – picking wild raspberry leaves and drying them for tea.

Move (mostly) Complete
It’s official! We’ve moved from Wisconsin to the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan and are living our homestead dream!

Garden Progress Updates
Enjoying the challenge and hard work of turning a grassy, shrubby, weedy “field” into a garden is no lie.  Garden update photo gallery!

Occupancy Approval – Yes to Yurt Living
A big thing happened for us this week. The absolute final inspection to approve our yurt for occupancy took place.

Wood Stove Refurb Project
Tim turned an old wood stove in need of TLC into a beautiful, new looking stove that’ll burn efficiently while looking good!

10 FREE Ways to be Resourceful and Learn all the Things*!
I’ve stumbled across many resources to facilitate my desire to learn about Homesteading topics. Here are 10 FREE ways you can too!

A Howling Good Time at CopperDog 150
CopperDog 150 is an annual Keweenaw tradition for our family!  2017 brought new experiences and great memories!

5 Things We’re Doing for Homesteading Success
Here is a reflection on the things we’ve been doing to help us learn and prepared for the change to a homesteading life.  These are 5 things that came to mind.

Onward in Life, to the North we Go!
For our family -our “dream”, our “maybe someday” has arrived!  In 2017 we continue the adventure with a BIG MOVE.